A new holy grail : Nivea Products Review

     I’ve been thinking of a great excuse why I haven’t posted an entry in this page but I couldn’t. I was simply busy with life, that’s the best I could think of. 😉 So without further ado, I would like to make a simple change, I wanted to stick with lifestyle blogging but I guess you guys deserve to know a piece of me and what I use (favorites). I knew this brand for quite sometime now. But just a little disclaimer though, this is not a sponsored post/entry.

     So I’ve been searching and using various of products for my skin, but I haven’t seen a brand I’m really comfortable with. Until I randomly picked this in my favorite grocery. I don’t have any idea if this is new that this brand had released but I just saw this and I got curious. It’s the Nivea products as you could probably tell from the title post 😉


    Back in middle school I don’t have much of an idea on how to take care of my skin. Or maybe I just don’t care at all especially pimples inevitably growing up 😀 But then when you start admiring yourself 😉 you would really get conscious and would want to look perfect all the time. So when I started getting aware that I’m growing up as a lady, I started reading and browsing pages and magazines about beauty and health care tips. So we all know the basic step right?



1.  Nivea Extra White Repair



     I picked up a whitening product because I seem to have a very, very dull skin. Plus my face skin seems darker than my neck. I wanted to even them out. So basically every time I shower I usually use Cetaphil because it really is very gentle on the skin. But I’m not quite satisfied with its cleansing power. I feel like I still have dirt and dried skin after bath so I wanted to use another product other than my usual stuff. The facial wash was not harsh and doesn’t have a stingy feel. After rinsing with water it’s doesn’t give my skin a smooth feel which is what I like actually because I felt like there was no product residue left on my skin.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

2. Nivea Extra White Repair Pore Minimiser Toner



     It was just lately that I started using a toner. I usually use an astringient to deep cleanse my face but I felt like my skin started feeling pale and thin. When I used the Nivea pore minimiser toner I felt instantly attached (how dramatic though, sorry) 😀 I tried applying it on my face when I had a little bruise and it didn’t sting so it really look up to its claim that it doesn’t have a skin thinning ingredient. But my only concern though, it didn’t minimizes my pores 😦 or maybe it’s already genetic. My parents has huge pores as well so maybe I shouldn’t be too hopeful that mine would magically disappear. But I love it nonetheless.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

3. Nivea Extra White Repair





     So of course I had to buy the day and night cream. I’m not really sure if this could be an alternate for the moisturizer but well I had them anyway. The day cream has a bit of an oily finish because it has an SPF, I’ve read it somewhere that products with SPF tend to live face oily and shiny. But I’m not complaining, I’d rather have a slight shine on my face than bare and toast it under the sun. I could always touch up with powder. Then there’s the night cream which I love so much. It doesn’t feel greasy like other creams I’ve tried before. It absorbs easily, trust me. I love it because I don’t really like staying up late just to wait for my face product to dry up before going to bed.


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

4. Nivea Lip Essential Care


     My friend Rose Anne introduced me to this product. I’m not really an instant fan because I wanted to have a little color on my lips because I have dark lips as if I’m smoking, which is not true. But then I realized I always have chopped unhealthy looking lips when using tinted lip base. When I tried it religiously I noticed the minimal chopping, which is great. So until now I’m using it, every after I brush my teeth and before I go to bed at night.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I had a satisfying experience with Nivea. Even my body lotion is Nivea 😉 I just love it so much I wanted to share it with people who’s still looking for products suiting their skin. I know we all have different body and skin types but if you are like me who has had quite an adventure, looking for the right product, well, maybe you should try this, it’s worth the shot. Maybe it is the one you are all been waiting for 😉

Good day!


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