An Eye Candy

     I wasn’t an instant fan of cosmetics, but growing up with a little sister obsessed with make-up lives me nothing much of a choice. I wasn’t fascinated nor was I entertained because I’m a little impatient with results. And observing my sister applying her make-up rouse my depth irritation with why does people apply something on their faces and remove it at the end of the day? It seems pointless. But as I age and has to deal with professionals enlightened me that it isn’t pointless but an essential. I had to look presentable because I work to face people most of the time. So I had to say I don’t have much of a choice and willingly surrenders to it 🙂


     I’m not a professional make-up artist and I had no extra time attending make-up workshops but I’m planning to fit it on my schedule one of these days. And so people like me will rely on youtube for free tutorials. That lead me to CandyLoveArt. I was browsing to Filipina Youtubers and saw Ms Joyce Sola. Thankfully she also sells cosmetics and have her own make-up studio. I was used to buying make-up in the mall but after checking her shop I guess I’ll lessen my visit to my favorite make-up shops. She has authentic make-ups, and I was glad she’s selling local brands as well. I don’t know a lot of local brands to be honest but I wanted to try and support it. Her studio’s inside a condo building so it was a plus factor for me that it’s not that crowded. You have to text her though so you’ll know that she’s available because she also conducts make-up workshops.


This goodies will welcome you upon entering her studio.


She have this huge mirror with all her testers below.




And some of the trinkets on the counter.


And a huge canvasses of the icons including her own canvass 😉

IMG_2645 IMG_2644

IMG_2653  IMG_2680 IMG_2679

This are some of the products she sell.


She is also friends with Youtubers Say and Bea

IMG_2684 IMG_2685

And with Ms. Joyce 😀






Her studio is every kikay girl’s dream space. A well lit room with a lot of girly stuff, from a white crisp settee, a chandelier, a pink carpet (who knew) and a full packed make-ups ❤ . She is very warm and so easy to talk to. She is not bragging nor pushing you to buy anything. We are so comfortable inside her place and we’re looking forward for more make-up shopping on this little paradise.


P.S. : for inquiries kindly text Ms Joyce Sola at 09228882817 or visit her studio in 809 KB Arizona tower Padre Campa St., Sampaloc Manila.


Heart-pink-bunny-silhouette-vector - Copy



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