Family Affairs

I have been bitten by the LAZINESS bug. It’s been too long I know, but it was worth it. Too much events yet so little time (in my case). December would be my official #temporaryBlogShutDown (my vacation from blogging) 😀 I’m sorry but their is just too much celebration at the end of the year. A tons of christmas party invitation, a bunch of family gathering (I have too much family, don’t ask. *wink), chaotic christmas shopping and of course, MY Birthday Month. So tell me? How am I suppose to fit all of that in my monthly activities? I know, time management. But I just happen to always clutter my schedule and cram 😉

deco (1)

deco (2)

Celebrating Christmas in the Philippines is a big deal. Advance preparation is expected, and when I say advance it’s not a day before December but months before the actual celebration. That’s how we Filipinos prepare for one of the most celebrated event of the year.


gifts (2)

gifts (1)


And gift giving is my family’s tradition since then. It’s a way of thanking each other and sharing the blessings we received for the whole year. We are not required to splurge on expensive stuff but we are encouraged to give a gift that reminds us of the person we are giving (price doesn’t matter).

christmas (4)

christmas (3)

christmas (1)


christmas (2)

And this practically sums up how crazy we can get on Christmas.

newYear (10)

And if you have a bully for a brother like mine. You won’t be surprised if you have a photo like this 😀

newYear (12)

newYear (11)

newYear (9)

newYear (13)

newYear (14)

My pretty sister and I basically made all of our decorations. We don’t want to spend money because, well, we’re broke from christmas shopping (who’s not?! Right?!).

newYear (8)

My gorgeous and groovy Mom 😉

newYear (6)

newYear (7)

newYear (5)

Celebrating New Year’s eve is not my favorite event if I’ll have to be honest. Why? because it happen to be my Birthday as well and I’ve always wanted to be the special person in my day and I have NYE to celebrate it with me! 🙂 Kidding 😉

newYear (1)

newYear (4)

newYear (3)

newYear (2)

This is our simple intimate dinner. My Mom prepared all of it. I hope you could all taste it so you’ll agree how delicious it is 😀

newYear (17)

newYear (16)

And my OOTD or should I say OOTN. I can’t believe my graduation dress still fits me 🙂 Who says you can’t recycle an outfit? You’ll just change the ensembles and make-up and it’s a totally different look.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday spent with your loved ones. This is late, I know, but I can’t help it if I’m still in the Holiday Haze 😀


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