One Lovely Blog Award


    Since I started blogging I never really thought that I could and would be hooked. I also decided to create this page just to have my own personal space that I could rant with. And neither did I expect to receive likes and comments (but I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong) and most unexpectedly a thoughtful award from a very sweet and bubbly blogger Stephanie Jade Wong. Thank you for nominating me pretty 😀

 To accept this award, complete the five steps below:
√ Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
√ List the rules and display the award logo in your post.
√ Add 7 facts about yourself.
√ Nominate other bloggers you want to know better.
√ Follow the person who nominated you on Bloglovin’.

I’m pretty new to this thing so I’ll do what I had to do and cite a few random facts about me 😉

7 Facts About FlaceM (Mitz):

1. I’m born and raised in the Philippines hence the natural love for the tropics because I’ve lived with humid weather all my life.

2. I’ve never been to other countries because I wanted to explore my own first.

3. I have a SWEET TOOTH so my dentist loves me so much.

4. I have a weird obsession of collecting currencies from different countries (refer to  # 2). My dad and close family members know what I want when they came back from their trips abroad.

5. I have an OCPD. Yes, It’s bold to admit that and I don’t care what people say as long as they don’t ruin my perfectly arranged pillows in my beloved settee. (Though it happens when I have friends come over BUT it’s back once they stepped out of the door).

6. I’m hooked with sci-fi series. I just love how writers make their own little world and make impossible things possible in a way.

7. I have a thing for LIP products. I can leave the house without mascara and blush but not lipstick. I have a few lippies and counting. A girl can’t have too much lipstick right?

And here are the gorgeous bloggers I think deserves this as mush as I am (I feel like it’s an Oscars or something) 😉

❤ April of

❤ Andrea of

❤ Alyssa of

❤ Aren of

P.S. I didn’t nominate them because their names starts with A. I just thought they are worthy of the Award. Spread the LOVE.



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