Refreshing and Healthy


    The Del Monte in-can drinks are my current favorite refreshment. I occasionally include this on my meal. It is a perfect match especially if you’re having a fatty munchies. Not only does this drinks tastes great, it is also an excellent treatment to some aches. The Vitamin A or the Beta Carotene is the key for healthy immune system, good vision and cell growth. Vitamin A has been studied as a treatment for many other conditions.


    Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients, most experts say. It is good for treating cardiovascular diseases and even skin wrinkling. Vitamin E however is what dissolves in fats. It is an antioxidant meaning it helps slow down processes that damages our cells. I am not a health expert but reading sure helps. I still advice you to consult your doctor just to make sure 🙂


Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy my little tin can of happiness.


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