Habitual Act

   It is common in a Filipino household to bring something when arriving whether it is from a vacation or a simple visit in the province. It has been a Filipino tradition to bring “pasalubong” hence the abounding little stores selling different niknaks. One of this is Rowena’s . Establish in 2000 in Tagaytay City, Philippines and emerged successfully since then. They sell homemade goodies from filipino’s favorite buko pie or coconut cream pie to tarts.


Php 180.00


When my sister told me that she was invited to go to Tagaytay with some of her PHR writer/reader friends I automatically told her to buy Buko Pie in Rowena’s. This is one of my favorite Pasalubong Chains in Tagaytay. What I love about their pies is, it’s not limp. And it’s still delicious even when it’s not warm anymore. I know a lot of people are very particular in eating freshly made pies but this bad boy is still much delightful even when its cold.


Php 190.00


And because I have an angel for a sister she also brought Mango Tart 😀 If I have to choose one fruit to eat my entire life it would be Mango. Not only does it proliferated anywhere in the tropics, it is so sweet that eating this gives you a moment of serenity. And who needs chocolates and candies?! 😉 This is a perfect and healthy option when craving for sweets.


#152 Brgy Francisco,
Tagaytay City, Philippines

Tel: (+46) 860 2481

Mobile: +63920 9080318



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6 thoughts on “Habitual Act

  1. hi flace! this looks delicious and oh talking about filipino dessert.. when i went to the philippines i brought some snack back which was absolutely delicious. but i totally forgot what it was called. it’s like these tiny milk powder candy thingies… do you know which one i’m talking about? hahah


    • Hi Annie 🙂

      I’m so glad you’ve visited Philippines already. Where did you bought that particular snack? Because every provinces here has their own delicacies 😀 But if I’m not mistaken it is “Pastillas”
      if your talking about milk powder candies wrapped in a flimsy paper? lol



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