Love Desserts Outtake

Having a sweet tooth is such an advantage when indulging all time favorite desserts. My friend Rose Ann treated us to a buffet dessert. Yes! you heared it right, it’s an unlimited dessert! When we’re on our way I’ve been anticipating an alley and alleys of goodies. And when we got in the place I’m not disappointed. But a quick tip though. Before heading to someplace better check blogs and sites for an advance peek of what to expect. That’s why background checking is a must in a workplace for assurance that you did hire deserving applicants right. So, going back 😉  Love Dessert is an eat all you can buffet in 915 Banawe St., Corner Roxas Street, Manresa, Quezon City Philippines. Although we’re a resident of Quezon City for quite some time we still got lost. Thanks to google map and a lot of helping bystanders we got to the place at last.




This is what welcomes you upon entering 😀 I literally knew how  “Angels sing when you open the door” feels. So before we discuss  the pieces of heaven in front of me I will just warn everyone that this post would surely damage your perfect fit plan (in a way). So Love Dessert is a small place for a buffet, if I’m not mistaken there was only an approximate 20 below tables. But the place is jam packed. Maybe because the place is tiny as I’ve said plus its very affordable for only Php 199.00 you get to enjoy a two-hour dessert pigging.



We settled on our sits first to warm up and rest after our little adventure.


Before the staff gave us the GO signal to start ruining our diet 😉 we were given a small piece of paper to remind us what time we came in and when it is time to bid goodbye and come back to reality.



So judging from our plating, we’re not that excited to stuff all the creamy goodness in our plate. Taste wise, the only thing I didn’t like was the red velvet which was a bummer because it’s my favorite. And if I don’t name the desserts correctly it’s because there were no label at the first place. So it was one of the cons of the place.



Moving to our second plate. As you could probably tell I fell instantly in love with the shot glass desserts (still don’t know the name except the chocolate mousse).



We we’re really thankful that they included a nachos to the menu if in any manner we can’t already contain the sugar overload 🙂


My final sweet is this luscious Avocado ice cream.









This is the over all view of the menu for that day.



 I love that the place is very cozy and with a hint of vintage. My friend told me that orange wall can heighten the appetite ( maybe that explains our unusual hunger? ;- )  ) .

And because I love dressing up aside from my sweets here’s a snap of my outfit.



I wore a loose top for the sole reason of hiding my big bulge after the feast. Matching my comfy look with a comfortable animal print leggings from H&M , my gold elephant bangle and snake ring from CELINE and finished it with a brown with yellow gold strap flats from PARISIAN.

IMG_1734 IMG_1735 IMG_1733

I was dolled up by my talented and good looking friend Rose Ann. She just basically rolled my hair inside this braided headpiece from GOODY .


We ended our heart full meal and chat with a  hot tea.


Heart-pink-bunny-silhouette-vector - Copy


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