a Bit Skeptical

Here’s another adventure for you guys. My sister and her boyfriend dragged us to join them on a what they call a “not-so-childish” event (Yeah right). We drove to BGC again, to be on a Gundam Detailing Experience. So when we arrived, we were given a box of Gundam Robot that we would assemble ourselves. The good thing is you are not required to purchase anything to participate on the event. When we were ushered on our seats I automatically feel agitated. I’m not a fan of building anything, my dad even calls me “the destroyer” because I tend to drop, smash or ruin something I am not very familiar with (not on purpose, trust me). So I smilingly whispered to my younger sister to help me because the last thing I needed is to be a laughing stock of a nine-year old kid beside me.



I’m not a fan of Gundam (don’t judge 😉 ) But after removing the parts, it was really not that hard actually. It was challenging to be honest.


Here is our “great job” looks, with our own box of Gundam.


I wore my hand-me-down floral blazer from my Aunt Nory because I have stuff to do afterwards. My watch is from UNISILVER and my bag’s from  KIMBEL. I decided to braid my hair to strategically hide my cray-cray (CRAZY) hair.


with my older sister Marvs




The event was stressful (or was a good excuse to pig out) so we had to eat, and eat, did I say eat already?


Our finished product 😉 I gave my Gundam piece to my Godson Chall.


Heart-pink-bunny-silhouette-vector - Copy


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