Two Sides of a Coin

In a place where you only get to expect two weather means either piling yourself with thick clothes or the flimsy ones. But if I were to ask what I love the most? Of course a chance to soak under the not so scorching sun… and to feel the sweet salty scent of the sea. But I love rainy days as well, as long as it wouldn’t flood the whole city (which is “almost” always the case). The excitement is so endearing that being out in the blue sky is giving me tons of massive pure bliss.




      If you live in a Tropical Country like the Philippines, you know very well that sunnies RAYBAN is a MUST have. I opted for a breezy ensemble because the sun decided to pop out in the middle of BER month. The weather has been bipolar lately, I sometimes woke up drowning on my own sweat in the morning and feeling the bedweather mid afternoon (or vice versa).


My family decided to cool down in the mall so I added this rustic gold necklace from CLOTHING-DROPSHIP for a little sophistication on this lazy outfit. Tucked my very thin Top from a local store to my white SO-EN shorts and I’m good to go. No heavy make-up for me today, just my regular sunscreen and pale lipstick.


Heart-pink-bunny-silhouette-vector - Copy


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