Lifesize Barbie House called Sophie’s Mom

     When I created this page, my goal is to write and share to people budget-friendly activities, clothes and restaurants. This next store is into the pricey category but because I love spending half as much as possible, I always check sites offering promos. You can check either in Ensogo or Cash Cash Pinoy for affordable finds. I got lucky that when I decided to treat my sister and friends, Sophie’s Mom had a promo. For only Php 250.00, you get to enjoy a coffee and cake for two of your choice. Great deal right? I saved almost half of the original price. But! Reminder though, this restaurant does not offer promos all the time so you have to check the sites I’ve mentioned above from time to time.


 IMG_0640 IMG_0674 IMG_0650

Sophie’s Mom is like a pastel dollhouse in realistic size. The whole place is painted white. They have a cute chandelier, pastel colored chairs, and vintage looking wall decors.

IMG_0648 IMG_0603 IMG_0687

The place is indeed “A happy place”.

IMG_0712 IMG_0716

The place is excellent and so as the food. They have big servings of cake and their red velvet is really delicious. I love that they splurge on the cream cheese, I love “cream cheese”! It gave the cake its right moist.


And this is my whole look for the day. I opted for a comfortable white maxi skirt so I can move around and top it with a leopard print off shoulder for edge.


Heart-pink-bunny-silhouette-vector - Copy


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