taking over Enchanted Kingdom

our version of a Happy Place

     Not a lot of people can afford a trip abroad, including me. I don’t even have a passport yet. But that’s on my bucket list. Putting an ‘X’ to it is to be done this year, just like creating this page. It’s in my blood to travel and enjoy life (precautions is a priority of course).

I love to travel locally because and only because of the following reasons:

a. it’s much cheaper and accessible

b. I love the Philippines (nationalist..? hahaha..)

I love going to amusement park not for the crazy rides but for the colorful lights, “the view” they offer is what I’m talking about. I had a free time so my younger sister and her friends joined me in Enchanted Kingdom or what we fondly called E.K. The place is not that big especially if you have been there a couple of times already. It’s an outdoor amusement park with plenty of rides to enjoy so far. We had a discounted ride-all-you-can ticket so we did saved a lot (thrifting ’till the very end). You can check their official website HERE   for promos and rate.



If you’re coming from the metro check this link for a smooth travel HERE



The park has a lot of backdrop for a perfect outfit shots and selfies.


We surely are enjoying here.


And for my whole look:

Top and Pants : HERBENCH

Shoes and Elephant Ring: CELINE 

Scarf: Thrifted




The only downside of all the fun is the LONG line. And! I’m not exaggerating about the word LONG. But it has always been a dilemma for all amusement park visitors.


The storm’s aftermath? (hahahaha..)


Who would say NO to FREE DRINKS? And can you spot my nail polish? (Yep! It’s a strawberry baby.)



Also checked their Gift Shop and ended up just taking photos, *whispering* because the souvenirs are expensive. It’s not for the taking on my part.


Warning though : this shot-the-chicken-or-turkey-on-the-pan (I don’t really know what this game called, sorry.) is so addicting!! Plus the priced toys are tempting.

RESULT : we didn’t get any toys and spent Php 200.00 for 8 attempts.


We then tried the shooting range. Still, our aims are all flap.


And lastly, this easy looking game. Imagine your fishing but instead of catching fish you have to aim for the bottle’s head and make it stand. Easy as 1,2,3? Na-ah! It sucks!! Hahahaha.. it’s so HARD! And of course we lose (shocker)

They also have cool 3d paintings. But you have to pay for another entrance fee though.







PicMonkey Collage


Heart-pink-bunny-silhouette-vector - Copy


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