Becky’s Kitchen:

A review on their Prune Hazelnut Cupcake



   First of all I am not an adventure foodie. I’m afraid to try new things especially FOOD. But for some reason, I am rewarded with a sister whose obviously very fond of the word NEW. One night she came home with a huge red box on her hands. She told me it was a gift for herself because her birthday’s on the next day. She asked me to give it a try. And as a loyal and loving (well occasionally) sister that I am, I did my best not to disappoint the birthday girl. The name itself is a big question mark for me. What the **** is a Prune?! So as for those bright kids like me, Prune is a dried Plum. So basically the cupcake has a huge pulp of dried fruit inside. If your a fan of raisins it is not that different. What’s weird for me though is, it tasted a lot like caramel. So….big news! I loved  it.




  It’s really good along with your morning black coffee.


It’s a bit pricey for me though. But one piece is enough and satisfying, worth every penny (especially if its not my penny.)

P.S. : If you want to try it, you can check their 2 branches:

1061 P. Ocampo (formerly known as Vito Cruz) cor. Bautista St. Singalong Manila

tel. # : 525-1648/ 523-4245

Community Center Suha St. Valle Verde 1, Pasig City

tel # : 671-7606




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