Aside from having ample of time I also wanted to share my life ( Not every tiny bits of it. I don’t want to bore you with the details).  I am hoping I could be different by sharing my thoughts on things that I am only capable of (financially speaking). I want a lot of people to relate what simple people could afford. So I’m creating my page. I’m calling my first post “BLOOM”. I hope I could be like this beautiful bud that would grow into a beautiful flower. Not expensive but still a beautiful creation that people could appreciate in its own simple way.

   One of the main reason I’m creating this humble page is to make a difference from my black and white page called LIFE. I have been playing safe on decisions that never really made me contented. I have been seeking and seeking for happiness that I didn’t knew I could have. You can call it a mid-life crisis (I know, I’m too young to feel it, but I do) I call it personal transition. My personal desire to establish myself will be shared through this page so I hope you could have time reading and explore life with ME.


Heart-pink-bunny-silhouette-vector - Copy


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